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Chuck, just a short note to tell you how happy I am with the IO550B you built for me. It is incredibly smooth and powerful. I have had several pilots in my bird and they have all commented on how smooth she runs. I now have a true 200MPH bird. This J35 is probably the fastest and smoothest in the world. I still intend to enter it into the ABS Bonanza of the Month, just haven't gotten around to it. I just turned 200 hours on her. You did a fantastic job and want you to feel free to use me as a reference. Well done.

Jim Cofer

At Chuck Ney Enterprises, we service your aircraft engine as though your life may be depending on it...because it is!

As of April, 2008, we have 6 Barons converted and 6 customers who are extremely happy with their Savannah Conversions, as well as 5 customers very satisfied with their Savannah II Conversion on the Bonanza!

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