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A new niche from Chuck Ney:

Already famous for our Ney Nozzle "lube your lobes", crankcase repair and exchange (400 in stock), and cylinders repaired outright or exchange (over 1200 in stock), our engine experts are now providing new services for you.

What is new? . . . . How about almost new!!!!!!

We have purchased 25 total IO-520-BA, -BB, -C and -CB engine cores that are first run from new, and 4 each IO-550B engine cores. We reconditioned all the parts, cases, crankshafts (VAR), connecting rods, cylinders, starter drives, oil pumps and fuel systems. All this with the intent of building some decent engines with first run parts.

Our best buy is front alternator drive IO- or TSIO-520 engines. These engines will sell for 7-12% under factory overhauled price! (as advertised $300 over cost). Some are already assembled and ready for exchange or outright purchase. Call us today!

We also provide outstanding support for Lycoming owners with a fine inventory of engines and parts. Complete and detailed Lycoming overhaul services are also available.

Specialty Products and Services:

"The Ney Nozzle": Lubricates the High and Dry cams in Lycoming Engines.
Continental Rocker Arm Modifications: One piece bushing that replaces current rocker arm assembly at a fraction of the cost.
Over 300 Continental and Lycoming crankcases in stock and ready for shipment. We also repair Franklin crankcases!
Extensive stock of Lycoming and Continental cylinders on hand
Worldwide Sales, Support, and Service!!!

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