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Value Comparisons

When comparing services and prices,
be sure to also compare the VALUE!

Many shops will give a "lap and line bore" quote, but our "no surprise" quote will include all ADs, Service Bulletins, Service Instructions, weld repairs, and any damaged hardware (in most cases).

Service: Crankcase Cleaning
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • Use inexpensive abrasive media blasting to remove debris.
  • Use chemical vat because there is no good way to determine that all the cleaning grit has been removed.
  • Chemical cleaning may be more labor intensive and  require expensive waste disposal, but it provides more thorough cleaning.
The added value to you:
Our competition may leave contaminants in oil passages which can later emerge in the engine oiling system. We don't.

Service: Crankcase Welding
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • Only weld found cracks without consideration to possible new cracks in high risk areas.
  • Weld all found cracks and build up known weak areas.
The added value to you:
We prevent early crankcase failures due to cracking. They don't.

Service: Crankcase Studding
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • use abrasive media blasting to remove debris AND PLATING from old studs
  • not thoroughly check stud height
  • Remove, re-plate and bake all studs.
  • Reinstall stud to proper height
  • Return all studs and hardware with your crankcase
The added value to you:
We prevent rust from forming on studs as it occurs quickly in the engine compartment environment -- (besides weakening the stud, rust formation also makes removal difficult when parts need to be changed). They don't.

Service: Prepare Mating Surfaces
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • Remove inconsistent amounts of material.

When excessive or inconsistent material is removed:

  • Gear train lashing problems will occur.
  • Oil sumps may not align with bolt holes.
  • Oil pump Continental engines can bind with studding.
  • Starter drive misalignment with rear of crankcase can occur which will cause excessive shaft wear and starter gear and clutch spring problems.
  • Carefully machine and micrometer check all mating surfaces.
  • Remove only material necessary for proper fitting and alignment.
The added value to you:
When we complete OUR mating surface preparation:
  • Crankcase halves will be parallel and since minimum amount of metal is removed there is enough material left to ensure its usefulness in future overhauls.
  • Cylinder pads are machined - especially important on wide deck Lycomings to ensure cylinder flanges set squarely on crankcase pads.
  • Any suspect web areas are reinforced, preventing possible cracks, early failures, or need for crankcase replacement at your next overhaul.

Service: Line Bore and Honing
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • Some only hone
  • Some only bore

What can happen when a single  machine process is used:

  • Honed crankcases that are not square with mating surface will remain out of square
  • When crankcase mating surfaces are out of square, the crankshaft will not be square to the crankcase
  • Material removal can exceed .020" where .0125" has been proven to be the maximum allowable to maintain fit without excessive preload or trauma
  • Line bore and then hone with fine stones for more precise stock removal
The added value to you:
When we complete OUR combined line boring and honing process:
  • Crankcase halves are maintained parallel throughout the process with nearly identical stock removal from both sides, typically never exceeding .005"
  • Crankcases with different main bearing sizes are first line bored in the middle main bearings, locating from the from the front and rear bearings, then honed to final size
  • After a line bore, gradual stock removal by honing eliminates the risk of alignment loss often experienced when honing alone
  • Our process is slower, but far more accurate, and leaves a firmer bearing base

Service: After Machining, Final Cleanup and Alodoning
Our competition will: Chuck Ney will:
  • Give it a "good blast"
  • If sent out to another machine shop, crankcases are usually returned with a tag stating "may need additional cleaning" - who knows?
  • Final wash with detergent
  • Hand dry
  • Buff all exposed machined surfaces
  • Hand clean gaskets not already spotless from the vat chemical cleaning
  • Scrub all oil passages
  • Final inspection done on finished, dry product
The added value to you:
They will still be wondering if they got all the blasting media out. We won't.

Do these extra steps sound like a lot of work? You bet! But it seems our competition believes that abrasive blasting media DOES mix with oil, DOES NOT clog oil passages, and crankcase geometry DOESN'T matter.

This is just our commitment to quality, and looking out for your best interest. Every engine is just like we would do for our very own aircraft given all the experience, machines and tooling IN ONE SHOP.

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